Brass Pike Pole Walnut Plaque

This small axe award plaque comes with a 22" polished brass and lacquer coated pike pole with a flamed hickory handle. The walnut plaque is keyholed with mounting hooks on the back.

  • 28" x 12" walnut plaque.
  • Directly-mounted 22" brass pike pole.
  • Laser engraved 10" x 3-1/2" gloss black brass front plate over brushed gold aluminum back plate. Plates have notched corners and are attached via 4 gold rosette head tacks.

  • The following options can be added to our pike pole plaques:
  • Laser engraving on the pike pole handle.
  • Firefighter metal castings.
  • Gold disc holders with firefighter discs.
  • Custom Mounting Services - Patches, Badges, Helmet Shields, Coins, Pins & Photos.

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    Pike Poles

    Pike Poles
    Brass Pike Pole Walnut Plaque with Board Engraving
    Bronze Metal Castings for Pike Pole Plaques
    Brass Pike Pole Walnut Plaque

    Product No. Product Description Price
    28" X 12" Walnut Award Plaque w/ Brass FF Pike Pole Directly Mounted
    Includes Gold Laser Engraving on Black Plate

    Product No. Product Services Price
    FF Pike Pole Handle Laser Engraving w/ Black Color Fill $44.00

    Product No. Optional Metal Castings Price Buy It Now!
    Small Fireman's Head Metal Casting $27.50

    To Serve and Protect Metal Casting $27.50

    EMS Cross of Life Metal Casting $27.50

    Traditional Eagle Metal Casting $27.50

    Small Modern Eagle Metal Casting $27.50

    Product No. Optional Gold Disc Holders w/ 2" Discs Price Buy It Now!
    Disc Holder w/ 2" Disc
    (Specify Disc and Disc Holder Color)

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